2023 Eleveight RS+ V1 Kiteboarding Kite


If you already love the RS, then you’ll find the RS+ has been pimped up to a shiny new level. Like a top performance racing car, the RS+ is light, direct and powerful. Combining the core DNA of the RS with our innovative Dynea Tex material, the RS+ offers a new premium high performance freeride experience.

Our Dynea Tex fabric is 30% lighter than traditional Dacron and other normal materials used in inflatable kites. This means that we have achieved a huge reduction in overall kite weight. By weaving a complex structure of ultra-strong Dyneema fibres, Dynea Tex outperforms regular Dacron with a higher tear and tensile strength that is up to 32 times stronger. Dynea Tex is the optimum balance between responsiveness, lightweight and long-term performance.

Our new XT Light strut material has been designed to reduce weight even further. It also gives the right amount of stiffness for the frame structure yet will allow enough twist when needed. The increased structural rigidity supercharges the responsiveness in the kite. Less deformation and more direct and precise flying characteristics have been achieved as a result.

Upgrade your session to VIP with the RS+ for an exceptional advancement in freeride potential.


  • Precision three-strut delta-hybrid freeride kite with an ultra direct feel
  • Superior more durable construction with new lightweight Dynea Tex material
  • Easy handling with powerful lift and massive hang time
  • Ultra-stable light construction efficient in any condition
  • Stiffer frame for optimum response






    • Fast turn
    • Wingtip to pivot turner
    • Grunty turn

    The RS+ reacts instantly to steering impulses to immediately turn tightly on demand. Sheer grunt power is generated throughout the turning arc to maximise any boost.


    • Medium to high AR
    • Great upwind performance
    • Massive windrange

    The RS+ covers a massive wind range with outstanding upwind performance. Even in light wind, you can sheet-in and go or boost impressive airs.


    • Medium sweep
    • Grunty power
    • Long hangtime

    The RS+ has maximised hangtime and yet is super versatile. Thanks to the medium swept wingtips precise bar feedback is delivered with extreme power development.