2023 Eleveight Wing Foil Series WFS V3, On Sale Now!

Easy handling and exceptional aerodynamics give an enhanced freeride performance in any condition.


  • One strut performance freeride wing suited to all riders
  • Design evolution with top materials tested the World over
  • Stiff and lightweight with easy drift and power generation
  • Rigid frame geometry for direct handling and direct power
  • CS Wing Bar for intuitive hand positioning and easy handling

The new evolution of the WFS is born through innovation that has mirrored the progression in wing sports. As riders are pushing the limits, their developing needs have shaped new possibilities in design. The WFS V3 echoes the rapidly changing demands for a freeride wing that’s unique in versatility and suited to all riding styles and levels.

For V3 we have made the WFS stiffer, harnessing more power and engineered it to drift a lot easier. Using our 20 years of proven experience, the WFS is aerodynamically engineered for efficiency and features top quality materials tested the world over.

The core feature is the CS Wing bar that gives intuitive hand positioning that limits fatigue and increases stability. V3 features a new EVA bar grip for added comfort, and the improved window placement will allow you to navigate with ease.

The new WFS has an improved outline and offers better aerodynamic efficiency. There is more lift in the centre section and the well balanced V-shape ensures the tips won’t touch the water nor drag you down. The whole construction is stable and extremely light allowing easy upwind ability and downwind drift. You can ride waves undisturbed with single or even freehand control for that ultimate surf feeling.

The WFS has an ultra-durable build quality and covers a tremendous wind range with exceptional low wind performance and ease of handling. Your expectations will be outperformed by the ultimate freeride capabilities of the WFS that will push the sport to the next level.




  • Low Aspect Rario with single middle strut
  • Deep profile for maximum power development
  • V-shape to keep the wing tips out of the water and further drift stability

The WFS has a low aspect ratio with a single middle strut. This gives a deep profile for maximum power development. The V-shape also helps to keep the wing tips out of the water and allows further neutral drift stability.


  • Large central Leading Edge diameter for stiffness and power
  • XT Fabric for rigidity and durability
  • Single inflation system

The large central leading edge adds stiffness and power while the durable XT fabric provides rigidity. The single inflation system keeps the WFS simple and easy to use.


  • Short and light integrated handle bar for versatile grip options
  • LE handle for one handed surf/downwind control
  • Direct handling with efficient power delivery and stability in all conditions
  • Intuitive hand positioning and easy handling
  • CS wingbar in 2 sizes – 3 and 4m =90cm / 5 and 6m = 100cm

The WFS is optimised for control with intuitive hand positioning and easy handling. The length of the lightweight integrated CS wing bar has been adjusted to suit the wing size and has versatile grip options. The leading edge also has a handle for single-handed surf/downwind control. Its direct handling allows efficient power delivery and stability in all conditions.