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2019 RRD Passion All-Round Kiteboarding Package

The Session BPE kiteboarding package is the "Best Price Ever". This is our lowest priced kiteboarding package that includes all new equipment with a one year warranty.

The initial investment into kiteboarding can hold some people back as kiteboarding lessons and kiteboarding package can add up quick. Our goal was to reduce the barrier to entry as low as we could go while still providing you with the safest equipment that will provide maximum progress.

If you are not new to the sport but are searching for the best deal, this one is hard to beat. This package includes the Kite, Bar, Pump, and Board for less than most kiteboarding kites!

And to add further value, this package includes all of the products from the same manufacturer, RRD. We have noticed several packages on the internet mixing and matching brands. The kites and bars are designed to work together so by mixing them, there are no guarantees that the safety systems will work properly.

What You will get with the Session Starter Pack - Freeride Kiteboarding Package:

2017 RRD Passion MK8 Kiteboarding Kite

The Passion has been a staple in the RRD line as a high quality freeride kite! It features a Rock solid 3 strut frame that is both stable and forgiving. Combine the durable construction with solid and stable flying characteristics and the Passion delivers unmatched stability and comfort which allows for smooth sailing and a safe and easy introduction to the sport.

Global V7 Bar

The RRD Global V7 bar is simple, clean, safe, and made to last! The Global Bar has an dual chamber plastic tube that houses the flagging line. This means that there are no external lines running through the center of the bar. Only one plastic tube. This really cleans up the bar and ads longevity. In addition, RRD makes unique Ridgid Thread flying lines. These lines have almost zero stretch compared to competitors lines which have about 10% more compared to RRD. This makes a big difference in how the kite flies and how long it flies well.

2018 RRD Placebo V5 Kiteboard

The Placebo is RRD Kiteboarding's most popular freeride board. It's now in the fifth version but has been a staple in the RRD range for over a decade! The Placebo V5 offers a medium flex pattern and a round outline, which makes it forgiving in choppy conditions. The flatter rocker in the center also makes water starts and riding upwind a breeze.

2017 Stark Kiteboarding Waist Harness

The RRD Stark harness is softer and more flexible which aids in maneuverability but reduces the amount of back support you have. If you're getting into the sport, and don't have any back issues, this is a great harness for a great price.

The Session Progression Kiteboarding Package Includes the Following:

Normal Retail Price: $1701.00

Package Price: $1049


We also offer additional options and upgrades!

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