2020 Core Bolt 3 Twintip Kiteboard


You’re the top dog in the park. You throw the sickest transitions and grind the gnarliest logs, docks and water features. Your board needs to edge hard, go big and take a beating. We built that and more into the Bolt 3. An easy-fix, super durable, boot only stylin’ machine for your high-flying adventures.

Experience next-level park performance with its custom wakestyle flex and improved hull. Our heavy duty Cartan carbon fiber build process delivers outstanding wakestyle flex properties; encouraging good flex when gybing, for example; and eliminating bad flex (aka negative rocker) on hard impacts. We inserted two extra full-length channels to increase grip and speed. And we beveled all of them so you won’t catch an edge on your favorite box or rail.

The Bolt 3 is rail ready. Ready to grind just about any rail, box or obstacle you find in your travels. Its adamantine wakestyle construction, bombproof boot inserts, and unique snowboard-like base may even launch you into Youtube stardom. Bolt 3 with Pro Fix Grindbase. Dingable. And repairable with a PTEX candle.

Raising wakestyle to a whole new level.


Cable park strong. The top and bottom receive two extra sheets (laminations) of our exclusive high-performance carbon fiber. Our proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber layup optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex in a way traditional 90° carbon fiber cannot. Our 12,000 filament, low resin carbon fiber is responsible for CORE’s signature board feel. Cartan carbon. Powering every CORE twintip.


Naturally dynamic. The CNC milled, long grained, Paulownia wood core gives the Bolt 3 unmatched dimensional stability, excellent decay resistance and its powerful character.The production process extends the wood core very close to the board edge, thereby reducing board weight.


Extreme grip even without fins. We added more channels and beefed up the remaining ones. More channels increase lateral resistance especially when finless. And deeper channels improve board speed by reducing the wetted surface area and thereby reducing hydrodynamic drag.


Inspired by the legendary handling of deep Vee powerboats in rough waters, we added progressive V-shaped keels to each tip leaving the area between the boots nice and flat. The design eats chop and delivers a surprisingly comfortable ride.


Variable rail thickness. For better control. The Bolt 3 features 9.5mm thick rails near the center of the board that reduces to 3mm at the tips.


Diamond shaped perfection. Look closely at the Bolt 3’s surface contours. On the tips, you’ll notice diamond-shaped recesses. The refined contours reduce weight and direct torsional forces to the fins and edges where you want them for a perfect balance between flex and rigidity.


The Bolt 3 features a progressive freestyle rocker that is most pronounced in the middle. Board curvature is then reduced towards the tips. Individual flex patterns are built into each board size to lock in the best performance possible. Without giving away our secrets, good flex and bad (aka negative rocker) flex is managed by varying the lamination thicknesses during production. A super hard landing, for example, can create a negative rocker between your feet. We worked very hard to eliminate bad flex, so those rock hard landings are easier to stick. Not to worry, the Bolt 3 is still deliciously fun when you are not “in training” mode. Go hard. Or easy. Either way, you’ll love it.


The snowboard inspired base. The waxy surface you feel on the new Bolt 3 is high-modulus polyethylene, a material with superior sliding properties especially over rails, ramps, and other water features. And just like snowboards, scratches and dings can be quickly repaired with any PTEX candle as long as the gouge has not penetrated the Pro Fix Grindbase and damaged the core.


Built for the slickest sliders.The channels are beveled and countersunk between the boots to create a perfect sliding platform.So, grind away!


Boots only for this baby. Heavy-duty, stainless steel, V4A thread inserts are laminated into a massively reinforced base plate deep within the board. And laminated again in targeted areas to be sure. The boot inserts provide three different stance options.

28MM+42MM G10 FINS

Prepared for anything. The Bolt comes with two, full, G10 fin sets: the super grippy 42mm fins and the 28mm ones for a looser wakestyle feel. Still too much fin? No problem. Go finless and enjoy the ride.