2020 RRD Bliss Kiteboard


The Bliss LTE is a balanced combination of crisp personality and forgiving flex, which delivers a great freeride feel of stability and playfulness. The harder flex of the LTD version allow for freestyle experimentation while maintaining an outstanding up-wind ability due to the moderate bottom channels, thin rails and straight outline of the board.

This progressive freeride/freestyle board provides a fantastic sensation of security while riding in an assortment of conditions. When the board is pushed further into the freestyle realm, it allows this incredible kiteboard to show it’s true nature!


  • Completely built and assembled in Europe
  • Moderate longitudinal hull channels on tips, and mid outline
  • Extra thin and slightly rounded ABS sidewall
  • Carbon reinforced ABS track channels for pads
  • CNC shaped mix of Paulownia wood
  • Unidirectional carbon stringers
  • 20% Lighter in LTD version

SIZES: 135×39 / 136×40 / 137×41 / 138×42 / 139×43,5

LTD/LTE 135×39
LTD/LTE 136×40
LTD/LTE 137×41
LTD/LTE 138×42
LTD/LTE 139×43.5