2022 Eleveight RS Closeout Kiteboarding Package

The 2022 Eleveight Closeout Kiteboarding Package offers you incredible value for your money. This package includes a board, kite, bar, lines, and pump, all from high quality brands - perfect for starting out in the exciting world of kiteboarding!

The 2022 Eleveight RS Closeout Kiteboarding Package includes:

2022 Eleveight RS Kiteboarding Kite

The 2022 Eleveight RS is packed with new innovations, taking our best selling kite to even higher levels. The RS is more stable, and thanks to the new load seam you’ll also notice better stability across the span. The canopy stays supported, while an increased strut angle alignment allows for greater airflow, making the RS more aerodynamic and ultimately efficient.

2023 Eleveight CS Vary+ Kiteboarding Control Bar

The CS Vary bar unites the highest safety standards and leading performance features in one variable yet ultra-intuitive system. The four-line CS Vary bar is fine-tuned to work with the complete Eleveight kite range. It ensures the highest performance of each wing. Everything about this bar is made in regards to safety, control, and comfort. The bar has a single front line safety system and the most innovative Quick Release on the market.

2022 Brunotti Discovery Kiteboard Complete

The Discovery is Brunotti's accessible freeride kiteboard with a fine flex that feels at home in all circumstances. The kiteboard has been given a wooden core that ensures the perfect balance between flex and pop.

This gives the Discovery a very comfortable feeling while riding, but you can still enjoy a nice jump or trick. It has SR-Tech sides and a responsive flex, which makes it easy and effortless to cut through chop. To top it off, it has a single concave in the bottom, which ensures that you can plan super easily. Even if it is slightly less windy, the board stays on speed.

WMFG 4.0T Kiteboarding Pump

As the originator of the big, tall, oversized, kiteboard pump WMFG is proud to introduce the third generation pump 4.0T! WMFG was the first "tall" kite pump on the market and has always been the most feature-rich, kite pump with the best selections of nozzle, the best hose available, and at the leading edge of pump tech. The new and improved extra big, tall, high volume 4.0T kiteboard pump takes all the fight out of kite inflation. Easier, faster, and better ergonomics.