2023 Eleveight Escape V2 Freestyle Surfboard

Our ultra-durable noseless board, the Escape provides boundless opportunities in strapless freestyle and smaller surf.


  • Versatile noseless shape for strapless freestyle and surfing small waves
  • Lightweight and durable CVC construction
  • Moderate rocker line for early planing and high top-end speed
  • Short rail line minimises drag while optimising pop
  • Comfortable high-density EVA pads provide the perfect grip
  • Thruster fin set up with Futures box


The ultra-versatile Escape is our high-performance directional made for strapless freestyle riders that like to spice things up with some wave action. Built with extremely durable quality, the noseless design has short rails which results in high agility and dynamic riding characteristics, perfect for rotations and tight cutbacks.

The Escape is light with great flex but fantastic durability to preserve its key performance features. The innovative full layer of 3mm high density PVC sandwich along with a carbon stringer on the bottom give an incredible surf feel without compromising on durability. This robust construction is very light, yet insanely sturdy, even when ridden extensively.

The short rails minimise drag while optimising the swing weight making rotations much easier for the rider. Once popped out of the water, small impulses are enough to initiate manoeuvres. Progressing strapless freestyle riders will improve rapidly and you’ll have plenty of grip, even in sketchy landings. Thruster fins come included allowing the Escape to perform well in small to mid-sized waves.

Unleash the Escape and with its snappy direct feel and become a ruler of the sea.






  • Low Rocker
  • Provides early planing and speed in fast sections and flats
  • Perfect for small waves of all types and strapless freestyle

The low rocker line of the Escape guarantees early planing in all sections even in small surf and light wind.


  • Wide Squash Tail with Small Wingers
  • Responsive feel for sharp and tight turns
  • Easy to pop and airborne characteristics


The wide squash tail provides a skatie feel with easy release for popping airs and sharp turns.


  • Thin Rail Profile
  • Great rail control in bottom and top turns
  • Perfect grip even at take offs and landings in chopy water

The low buoyancy of the thin rails enhances the control in turns and when getting airborne. The rails cut through choppy water and help with sketchy landings


  • Double to Single Concave
  • he Double concave provides more water flow to generate drive and speed
  • The shape enhances the responsiveness and adds grip for technical tricks

The bottom shape design balances grip and speed making the board perfect for the most technical freestyle manoeuvres.