Armstrong Carving Freeride Carbon Wing



The Carving Freeride 800 with its inflected tips is ultra-smooth to ride. Its inspiring stability allows you to really carve with confidence and it has the speed to handle big waves or swells.

The deep anhedral through the center helps prevent the foil ventilating during steep carving maneuvers and gives the greatest feedback on ceiling breakthrough before ventilation on any foil shape.

Ideal for Kite foiling, larger wave riding, Tow surfing and Wake foiling.

Tech Specs:

  • Wing area: 800cm2 (124in2)
  • Wingspan: 600mm
  • Weight: 700g

The new Carving Freeride 1200 wing is all about taking your surf foiling to the next level. Extremely stable in turbulence yet rips turns rail to rail like a dream and pumps to connect when required. If you want to surf a foil then look no further.

The section has been refined to deliver smooth flow and carving turns at higher speeds while maintaining the unparalleled Armstrong stability and flow - so you can really lean into turns and cut waves to pieces.

The slight dihedral combined with our revolutionary deep cambered anhedral tips flow rail to rail like no other so you can really progress your foil surfing. This wing is also super fun as a light wind kite option and on a SUP in bigger, more powerful waves.

Tech Specs:

  • Wing area: 1200cm2 (124in2)
  • Wingspan: 675mm
  • Weight: 995g

The Carving Freeride 1600 is our go-to foil for smaller wave riding, downwind swell riding, SUP and wake surf.

Although perfectly suited for beginners of all foil disciplines this wing is the multi tool of the foil world. In combination with our stiff mast and fuselage this wing has been the most stable and easy carving foil available.

It has been designed to get you up and flying on the foil easily. This high lift front wing produces smooth progressive lift at low speeds, together with the new generation wingtips making it easier to control as the foil starts to accelerate. The other advantage of this wing is that due to the unique foil section it has a built in speed control, once up to speed it will stop accelerating which gives you time to concentrate on just riding the foil.

The CF1600 is the perfect foil choice for small to mid-size surf or SUP foiling, the best all-round wake foil and an amazing fun light wind carving kite foil.

Tech Specs:

  • Wing area: 1600cm2 (248in2)
  • Wingspan: 780mm
  • Weight: 1600g

The new Carving Freeride 2400 wing is a downwind and pumping weapon. It was developed after riding prototypes in the 2018 M2M and M2O. The new wing makes downwind foiling fun and easy, it pumps up in minimal swell yet is fast enough to really rip out a coastal run in super quick time.

This wing has enough area to keep the pump going and is still easy to turn for its over-size proportions. It can be surfed and it's also perfect for a heavier riders in small waves or wake foiling.

Tech Specs:

  • Wing area: 2400cm2 (372in2)
  • Wingspan: 970mm
  • Weight: 1850g
Package Includes

Wing|Wing cover|Mounting Hardware