Best Kiteboarding Changing Poncho, 2017

Don't get caught in your birthday suit when the wind blows away your towel! The Best Changing Poncho is a must for any waterman or waterwoman. This accessory is crucial whether your kiting, windsurfing, stand up paddleboarding, or surfing. Because it's so essential, it is the perfect gift! We swear by it here at Session Sports especially when you have to change in and out of a wetsuit during those colder months. Think about it, this is a quickdry towel you can wear around. The possibilities are endless.

What Best has to say about the kiteboarding changing poncho:

The Best Poncho changing towel is one of our favorite accessories, perfect for a quick change . Use it to change in and out of your wetsuit, as a towel, or to wear while you on the beach for added warmth.
Technical Features:
  • Terry fabric
  • Large hood
  • Wide arm opening
  • Water absorbing
  • Small front pocket
  • Embroidery logo