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Blue Chip Bar - Back Line Trim Bar

BWSurf Blue Chip Bar

The BWSurf Blue Chip Bar is a completely refreshed approach to the kite control system. The Blue Chip bar offers a whole new dimension of comfort and control, featuring a back line kite trimming system to replace the previous front line trimming system, a single body injection-molded structure that offers enhanced safety, improved ergonomics and greater accuracy for trimming the kite.

“I’m all about simplicity – less is more when it comes to kiting. So although the Blue Chip bar is high-tech piece of equipment, it’s the most streamlined and user-friendly control bar I’ve ever used. The “clear view” system has tidied up the de-power mechanism and removed it from the line-of-sight, so now when I’m looking down a wave my focus is unobstructed and 100% on the wave. This bar gives me the ultimate feeling of freedom and lets me enjoy what I’m doing without distraction.”– Ben Wilson.

The Blue Chip Bar is a whole new dimension for wave kite control bars.  Featuring a rear line depower system, single coated centerline, improved chickenloop, adjustable bar throw, stronger lines.   The Blue Chip provides the ultimate clear view of the surf with nothing dangling in front of you.  It has the simplicity of a no depower system but retains the function of depower and flagging.

The BWSurf Blue Chip Bar fits perfectly in the BWS product line up, which stands for STYLE, PERFORMANCE & SIMPLICITY.


Ultra lightweight, ergonomic composite kiteboarding control bar.


The Blue Chip dial to trim system adjusts the length of the back lines relative to the front lines, in order to adjust the kite power to wind conditions and rider preference. The Blue Chip bar features an ergonomically placed power and depower dial. Simply twist the dial to power up, and nudge it outward to depower. This allows you to keep the bar in both hands when depowering.

The winding mechanism a minimum of moving parts and is easy to inspect and maintain. The U-shaped bar structure is optimized to flush away any sand and debris buildup.


Designed to allow for easy, on-the-fly adjustment of a kiteboarding bar’s sheeting range. Just push the light grey section away from you to loosen and adjust, then push the bar against it to set the stopper.

LIROS DC401 Flying Lines

BWSurf has always been very strong lines that can take years of abuse and we wanted to up the quality of our lines as we moved over to this new bar platform. We soururced our likes from German supplier Liros who make the best kite lines in the industry today. Liros DC401 are 1,6MM (before our lines were 2MM) and are the stiffest and most durable lines out there with incredible non shrinking results and a breakage of 580kg, that’s over 1200 lbs!  What’s hard to quantify is their stretch resistance.  Kiters will be able to notice a crispness in the handling of the kite due to these lines as they provide a much tighter connection, with less stretch than other lines.  This may sound like hype, but try them for yourselves.  They really do stand out!

The Blue Chip Bar Includes:

– 22m kite lines

– Short 50cm leash with push away release
– All new donk stick
– 3 lengths of pigtails (20cm/25cm & 35cm) to fit on any kite
– Nylon bag carry bag