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Brunotti Early Bird Kiteboard Complete, 2018

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Make struggling in light winds a thing of the past with the 2018 Brunotti Early Bird lightwind freeride kiteboard. You know the 

cliché, "The early bird gets the worm", they were talking about this board getting you more session! Maybe not, but it doesn't matter because that's what this board does. This will get you on the water in the lightest breeze due to this kiteboards parabolic chassis. The parabolic shape is molded in one piece, which gives your light wind kiteboard a better torsion flex, superb upwind performance, and great light wind capabilities.

If your a larger rider, live in a lightwind area, or just want to have a lightweight board in your quiver that will get you out in a gentle breeze, there is no better choice than the Brunotti Early Bird.