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Cavok Freedom Kiteboard 137cm, 2016

Do you want to feel your freedom? The Cavok Freedom is an ideal board for all levels of Riders as it has an amazing performance, great quality, and an excellent price. Cavok Freedom is easy to use and designed for the freeride discipline. Due to its rocker it is a great table for choppy conditions, it is also a light and durable board with a specific selection of advanced materials to provide the best construction technology.

You can expect excellent performance with little wind because it has an extra wide contour for early planing. In many cases, the Cavok Freedom will be the difference between waiting in the sand or having a full Kitesurf session!

Measures: 137 × 42

  • Ultralight PAULOWNIA Wood Core Imported from Canada
  • Imported triaxial fiber from Austria
  • Sublimated PBT covers and/or screenprinted TPU imported from Austria and Italy
  • US M6 stainless steel inserts
  • Resin imported from England