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Cavok HS Kiteboard 137cm Complete, 2016

The feeling that you get when you ride this board is written all over it! Holy Sh*t. Its deep channels in the tips, moderate rocker, and round forgiving outline make this board smooth and forgiving in the chop. Becuase of the medium stiffness and the channels, the Cavok HS can be used to ride fast and pop hard. It's an awesome board for beginners and intermediates and excels in choppy conditions. This board comes complete with the pads, straps, fins, and handle.


  • 137x42cm
  • Ultralight PAULOWNIA Wood Core Imported from Canada
  • Imported triaxial fiber from Austria
  • Sublimated PBT covers and/or screen printed TPU imported from Austria and Italy
  • US M6 stainless steel inserts
  • Resin imported from England