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Fahrenheit Chest Zip 6/4 Hooded Large, 2017

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Stitchless Technology

The Fahrenheit is the latest development available for a super quick drying wetsuit combined with extra durability and stretch. It suits perfectly for demanding riders that are not kept ashore by the cold. Quickdry is not only about a lining that dries quickly, at least as important is how much water the lining takes up when wet.

Our Quickdry takes up 20% less water and therefore dries quicker. Also important is the hollow fiber structure of the quick dry lining. This means that the lining is capable of holding more warmth and isolates better than other linings. We have this for instance as one of the only ones around the knees; a crucial body part to keep the rest of your body warm.

The whole wetsuit is made without any stitches, it’s fully liquid taped on the outside and fabric taped on the inside to offer superior stretch and a longer lifetime. Internally, it’s made with an especially engineered quick drying lining that features two layers of fibers on top of each other, woven with a squared pattern design that allows water to flow through it to the outside and quickly downwards. It’s like pulling water towards the outside and channeling it downwards so it can dry quickly. We have tested the Fahrenheit in European autumn sunshine, with an air temperature of 20°C, and we got it dry in less than 20 minutes! This special lining also keeps you warmer and longer in the water! Now also available in the hooded version only in 6/4 thick neoprene to be used in real winter waters.


• Stitchless technology
• 0,5mm super-stretch tape on the inside
• Fully liquid taped on the outside
• Quick dry lining
• Drain holes
• Velcro ankle straps