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Hardcore XR5 Freestyle Kiteboarding Package

The Hardcore Core XR5 Freestyle Kiteboarding Package is not only one of the best kiteboarding freestyle packages out there, but it also comes with a fantastic price!

The Core has amazing hangtime, upwind performance, low-end grunt, smooth predictable power through the turns, and is an all-around awesome kite to fly. If you can't get enough of flat water or sending it off of waves, this is the package for you! This package includes the Kite, Bar, Pump, and Board for less than some other kiteboarding kites!

To add further value includes both the kite and the board from the same manufacturer. We have noticed several packages on the internet mixing and matching brands. The kites and bars are designed to work together so by mixing them, there are no guarantees that the safety systems will work properly.

Safety and progression are always our main focus. We combine these benefits with some of the best price and value you can find and package it together for your convenience.

What You will get with the Hardcore XR5 Freestyle Kiteboarding Package:

2019 Core XR5 Kiteboarding Kite

The Core XR5 is the benchmark in the Core kites range. It is a high-performance freestyle kite! This 5 strut kite provides great upwind capabilities, smooth, predictable, quick turning, and amazing hangtime. Its ease of use and ability to be pushed to high levels of performance is why we chose the XR5 for our Hardcore Core Kiteboarding Package.

2019 Core 2S Control Bar

The Core 2S control bar is a high tech, safe, and functional bar! It has one of the easiest to assemble quick releases on the market, a smooth comfortable grip, and the length of the bar is adjustable. No compromises were made with new Core 2S Control bar!

2017 RRD Poison V3 LTD Kiteboard

The Poison LTD is RRD Kiteboarding's most popular freestyle board. It's now in the third version but has been a staple in the RRD range for over a decade! The Poison LTD is a carbon fiber boar that is not too stiff, offers a moderate flex, amazing pop, moves quickly through the water, and is very lightweight. The flatter rocker in the center also makes water starts and riding upwind a breeze.

TheHardcore XR5 Freestyle Kiteboarding Package Includes the Following:

Normal Retail Price: $2099.00

Package Price: $1,599.00

You Save $500!

We also offer additional options and upgrades!

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