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High Visibility Pro-Line Extensions

PKS High Visibility Pro-Line Extensions - Set of 4

PKS Line Extensions allow you to tune your kite lines to the exact length that you want. Longer lines are better for light winds since you get more power because the kite is moving further in the window when you dive it, and shorter lines are great for wave riding and high winds since they allow for a little less power from the kite and quicker turning speeds. These extensions are made from PKS High-Visibility Pro-Lines fly line sets that are specifically designed for kitesurfing, and are the same quality as all the other top brands. Why pay more for the same product?

These extensions come in a complete set of 4 lines: brightly colored red, blue, and two grey, make visibility easy for both you and any bystanders. The extensions have sleeved and stitched loops on the kite end and spliced and stitched loops on the bar end.


  • Set of 4 Dyneema lines
  • 700 lbs line
  • Pre-Stretched
  • Coated to reduce fraying or twisting
  • High Visibility