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Surf Plus Supply

Hot Grip Wax Mat Shortboard (under 20" Wide)

Wax Mats have an excellent wet grip and is non-abrasive to the skin. May be used on the decks of surf, skimboards, marine crafts, bathtubs and any where an excellent slip resistant, non-abrasive, see-through surface is needed.

Features include:
* Excellent wet grip,
* Grips like wax
* Non-abrasive to the skin,
* Will not melt, no mess,
* Works well in all water temperatures
* Will not yellow
* Thin see-through die-cut panels
* Easy-to-apply peel and stick adhesive
* Cleans up with soap and water
* Can be used with see-through Hot Grip tail pads.

The Shortboard Wax Mat Kits are for boards under 20 inches wide and are available in 6'0", 6'6", 7'0", 7'6", 8'0" and 8'6". See picture layouts for pad configuration for the board length kit desired.