HQ4 Topaz 7M


You are looking for a classy freeride kite? You don’t only want freeriding, you also want freestyle? Then the Topaz is the optimal kite for you.

The Topaz masters high loops and hooked moves in perfection without sacrificing a large wind range or comfort. Especially the small sizes show their full potential with active flying and convince by massive lift and high acceleration.

To give you these characteristics, we have deliberately chosen a C-like design with 3 struts in the Topaz, which is robustly built to survive your hardest moves without damage.

The effectively working profile forms the perfect symbiosis with the shape for a direct steering response and very good feedback. Robust reinforcements on the leading edge and the wingtips guarantee a long service life even under harsh operating conditions.

The Topaz is a fun machine that can be flown from gentle to radical without overtaxing the pilot. The performance of the Topaz can be called up at any time and can be continuously increased by active flying. Due to its powerful profile, the Topaz performs very well for a kite of its class even in light wind conditions.

The 3-strut design of the Topaz is based on an Open-C concept. The Leading Edge, which is pulled slightly over the wingtips, helps to start the water and guarantees high depower performance as well as maximum driving comfort.

For direct feedback and short steering distances, the Topaz scales were kept extremely short. This eliminates the possibility of the individual scale legs getting entangled around the wingtip, and ambitious riders always receive optimal feedback at the bar.

The material mix of the Topaz is designed for the toughest loads. For the kite’s frame, extremely stiff Dacron was chosen to get an optimal feedback of the kite. Kevlar patches as reinforcements on the leading edge protect against chafing, Tejin’s cloth guarantees colourfastness and durability.


  • Very good loop and jump properties
  • Direct steering and rotation
  • Stable 3-strut design
  • Good Unhooked properties
  • Easy to fly


  • HQ4 backpack
  • Depower Kite Guide
  • Bar and Lines NOT included


  • Span : 770cm
  • Height : 142cm
  • Sail : Ripstop Nylon
  • Wind : 17-30 knots
  • Age : 16+
  • Rec. Bar : Control Bar One 49cm
  • Color : Orange/Blue
  • AR : 4.40
  • Weight : 2.7kg.


Our new „ONE" Bar is the universal tool for your kite. Besides our tube kites, it can be used with any of our Depower kites in the HQ Powerkites range. Features like a Single-Front-Line Safety, easy depower adjustments and a self-untwisting ceramic swivel are only some of the innovations of the new „ONE" Bar that we adapted to customer's needs. Our new bar system clearly exemplifies our focus on progressive design elements, precisely optimized handling and detailed attention to quality and safety.
The contoured ergonomic EVA grip offers long lasting comfort and excellent hold in every situation. The bar ends come with an integrated floater so that in connection with the coated backlines you won't get stuck during the water start. The stopper ball helps to relaunch the kite. A high quality clam cleat for ease of use and infinite adjustment within its range offers a perfect adaption to the rider and the wind conditions. Thanks to the front line safety the kite will release all its power, and gently drift with the leading edge facing down until it smoothly lands on the water or land. The kite will stay in this position until you are ready to restart it. The „ONE" Bar is available in 49 cm and 55 cm and comes with 24 m long stretched dyneema lines.

Bar Details:

  • Soft Barends with integrated Line Keepers for more comfort and secured lines when winded up.
  • Covered Backlines To protect the lines from damage and avoid tangles after hard crashes.
  • Adjustable Relaunch Balls For easy and safe relaunch.
  • Self-untwisting Centerline Swivel the rust-free, super light self-untwisting Swivel keeps the centerlines untwisted while doing rotations or kiteloops.
  • Adjustable Bar Stopper To adjust the depowerway to the armlength.
  • Adjustable Clam cleat to adjust the depowerway to the size of the rider and the wind conditions.
  • Quick release Simple and intuitive release combined with easy reassembly offers a maximum of safety.
  • Dyneema Lines High quality pre-stretched Dyneema lines with almost no elongation for a super direct feel. Sleeved and stitched ends with a maximum load of 300 kg.