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Hyperflex Pro Series™ Low Reef Bootie

The Hyperflex Pro Series Low Reef Bootie is perfect for kiteboarding. The narrow profile fits easily into a kiteboard binding. This is our go-to bootie for lessons! Keep your feet protected and don't let your session get cut short because you didn't have booties!

• AMP Foam™ Neoprene
• P4 Lining™
• GBS Seams
• Diamond Skin™ Sole
• Exo Shell+™


  • GBS Seams - we double-glue and blind-stitch all seams using a single-needle which does not puncture a hole all the way through the neoprene which prevents water from leaking in while also maintaining a highly flexible and low-profile construction.
  • AMP-Foam- neoprene engineered for improved warmth and durability with focus on comfort and complete flexibility for maximum range of motion and control.
  • DiamondSkin Sole - provides excellent traction and protection without losing feeling and control. Miniature diamond-shaped channels provide consistent grip in all directions while allowing water to migrate away from in-between the boot and the board.
  • P4 Thermal Lining - soft microfiber fleece for extra cushion and comfort with heat boosting insulation properties.
  • ExoShell+ Membrane - a vulcanized heel lock membrane structure that connects to the upper arch strap for maximum adjustability, fit and support.