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RRD KR Seat Harness 2018



RRD’s KR seat harness is given a lower hook position to get the pull of the kite close to the users center of gravity. This principle minimizes the pressure on the lower back and abdominal muscles. Furthermore it gives it’s user superb stability and the possibility to handle strong forces on the body. The harness is curved around the hips in a natural surf-stance to ensure a great seat part-fit that stays in position.


  • Spreader downhaul leg straps
  • Low hook position
  • Neoprene edges
  • Pre curved seat part
  • Leash rings
  • Leash front connection
  • Spreader protector
  • Neoprene leg straps

Your choice of harness need to fit your style of riding, stance, local conditions and the natural shape of your back. Therefore our harness range suits different needs, rather than claiming each of our harnesses do it all for each and everyone. RRD takes a unique approach to developing harnesses with two main factors in our designer’s mind: The shape of the body and the forces created by the pull of the equipment, whether it is about kiteboarding or windsurfing. As an example, it’s easy to understand the difference in the body position and thus harness requirements between overpowered riding, fun freeriding or wave riding.

The RRD waist harness range comes in different types of fit, suitable for different body shapes and differences in riding style. Nonetheless, for the first time this year, we are proud to introduce our all-new SHIELD, RRD’s first low profile carbon outer shield harness, made with the stiffest and lightest material, that gives the most support without sacrificing weight.

No more excuses, try them out and decide for yourself!