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Surf Plus Supply

Rinse Hanger

The Rinse Hanger Kit comes with everything you need to rinse your wetsuit.

Includes: (i) Rinse Hanger 4" wide body, (ii) removable hook & cap assembly, (iii) quick connector set; and (iv) screw-eye.

The quick connector set consists of: a female quick connector for connecting with your garden hose, and a male quick connect adapter for use with your garden hose spray nozzle (i.e. spray gun). The female quick connector is adapted with an innovative “auto-stop” feature, which automatically stops water flow when disconnected from your rinse hanger or spray nozzle!
*Note: garden hose and spray nozzle not included.

Optional: Install the screw-eye in the wood trim/frame at the edge of your garage for hanging your Rinse Hanger and enjoying a convenient rinsing experience.