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RRD Dolphin 1 Kiteboarding Hydrofoil Board

The Dolphin 1 Kiteboarding Hydrofoil Board is a full composite board with a wood top sheet and bottom sheet. It has a PVC reinforcement under the heel area and a special shaped full concave deck that allows your feet to be completely pointed down towards the nose and the middle part of the board. A correct foot and legs position is absolutely crucial when you foil. 

The rails have a pronounced tucked under edge bevel which reduces the impact when you come down from riding the foil. Touch downs are very smooth which allows you to quickly get up on foil again, instead of burying the nose underwater. The Dolphin 1 has the right amount of volume that helps the board to stay light and afloat when standing on top of the water. All these features and benefits are perfect for a freeride shape. The size is 160 x 52 cm, so it is balanced for riders of any type of height and depending on your skills and preferences, you can have around 10cm of foot strap adjustment in the front and in the back, next to the different options of where to place the RRD H-Flight Hydrofoil mast on the bottom.

We recommend using the H-Flight Hydrofoil for this board but any foil with a four-hole base plate will work. The tracks are 3.5" or about 9cm on center. This board comes complete with the foil and optional short masts. Click Here >>


  • PVC reinforcement
  • Comes with 3 adjustable RRD/Dakine straps
  • 4 hole adjustable mast plate inserts