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RRD Fifty Fifty V2 Split Board/Travel Kiteboard, 2017

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2017 RRD Fifty Fifty V2 Kiteboard Ideal for Travel

"Freestyle/Freeride Two Pieces Twintip Kiteboard"

A board for those who want to travel light and compact. Available into 2 x different sizes: 138 x 42 and 138 x 40,5 cms.
This kiteboarding format is getting more and more popular for those who travel often by plane, or others who want to simply have a short bike trip to the beach in total comfort. The shape is specifically designed along the middle split of the board that is naturally stiffer than a conventional board , and so is the outline.
Slightly wider tips and and a very thin rail profile, create a great combo for pure freestyle sessions or exhilarating freerides in both light and strong winds. The split system is extremely simple and the board can be assembled by screwing in the carry handle, that works as a connecting part.
No other pieces or technical devices needed to assemble this functional stick that can be stored in the smallest bag or corner of your car.
Enjoy the pure freedom of simplicity!

RRD Travel Kiteboards - Fifty Fifty V2 from RRD International on Vimeo.