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RRD Global Bar V7 5 lines, 2017

2017 RRD Global Bar V7 5 lines

The new short Obsession Pro V7 bar is 7 cms shorter than our standard Global bar and is now 48 cms in total width. It comes equipped with 22 mts flying lines only.
This is the bar for your serious freestyle sessions!

The ā€˜Rigid Thread Linesā€™ will always be visually, technically and feeling compact and rigid throughout the course of their lives, maintaining all its physical and technical characteristics unaltered over the time.
The standard braided kite line has more stretch, which results in different line lengths, power absorption and reduction of performance, especially at the moment where you change the direction of the kite, where the load of the lines reaches its peaks.
Another weakness of the standard braided line that ā€˜Rigid Thread Linesā€™ have turned into a strength are unchanged compactness of the line.
Any new conventional line, has a rigid and compact character because of CONTROL BARS / 5-LINE the resin (generally polyurethane-based) that encompasses it. This resin has a very short life and after only a few sessions, the touch of the product is softer.

This translates into a series of annoying consequences such as:

  • The softened lines are more subject to unwanted knots.
  • The protection of the line is reduced after each session.
  • The braid tends to open and it becomes more fragile, allowing the entry of water which will create small salt crystals inside in case you kite in salt water, which can impair the bearing structure of the line.

Unlike standard braided lines, the unidirectional structure of ā€˜Rigid Thread Linesā€™ provides a fiber memory that is significantly more efficient. A standard braided line under stress combines all ā€˜dynamic elongationā€™ of the fiber and flattening of the braid, whereas the core unidirectional structure uses exclusively the elastic modules of the fiber.