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RRD H-Flight Kiteboarding Hydrofoil 65cm Short Mast

This product includes ONLY the 65cm Touch and Go Aluminum mast. This does NOT include the complete kiteboarding hydrofoil (aluminum four-hole base plate, carbon fuselage, and carbon wings).

To reduce the learning curve and make Kitefoiling accessible to everyone, we also offer two different additional mast lengths to the standard mast as an optional ‘RRD Aviation Academy’ package for schools and beginners;

The standard 90cm ‘Full Flight’ mast is included with the H-Flight Hydrofoil. The product above is the 65cm ‘Touch & Go’ masts. This is a must if you hope to progress quickly and safely into foiling.

There is also a 40cm ‘Take Off’ available. This short mast is ideal for board control and learning to ride on top of the board while getting the feeling of the drag of the foil attached the board.

Our really short, 40cm mast (‘Take-off’ level), is designed to develop the necessary skills to come out of the water, to get the feeling of a foil under your feet, and the way you position your body on to the board. The reaction to the foil is also exactly the same as the full height mast and will allow you to come out of the water, but not at an intimidating height. Once this stage is mastered, it is time to move to a new level, which is the 65 cm mast that allows more of a lift above the water.

The 65cm MAST (‘Touch & Go’ level) provides the full foil feel for the first time without being too intimidating. This stage of the progression process can last anywhere from 2 days to some weeks. Once comfortable with the foil in many different conditions without issue, it is time to progress to the full-length 90cm mast.

The 90 cm ‘Full Flight’ mast has the perfect flex and stiffness that is very forgiving.

The behavior of our foil is very predictable and reliable. We are proud to introduce a new result of our non-stop research and development team to the market.

We recommend using the H-Flight Hydrofoil with the Dolphin Hydrofoil board. But because of the of the four whole base plate, any four hole board can work. The tracks are 3.5" or about 9cm on center. We do have this entire set up complete with the foil, foilboard, straps, and optional short masts. Click Here >>


  • PVC reinforcement
  • Comes with 3 adjustable RRD/Dakine straps
  • 4 hole adjustable mast plate inserts