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RRD Obsession MK9 Kiteboarding Kite, 2017

2017 RRD Obsession Mk9 Kite Only With Multi-Use Kite Bag

The Obsession MK9 is in a league of its own. Because of the major redesign on the MK8, the new MK9 has only received minor adjustments. The shape of the kite remains the same but we changed the bridle and the pigtails so the kite becomes more stable in the air.
This kite is light, fast, powerful, stable, and easy to be de-powered. The Obsession is a full bodied three strut high-performance kite that is ideal for the kiter who desires an aggressive freestyle machine. Do you want to have some huge boosts, radical maneuvers, and constant power on tap? The foil profile allows the Obsession to float through the air and brings a more direct type of feeling on the bar while always having an abundance of power when fully sheeted in. Due to the profile and a tighter leech tension, we have achieved amazing hang time, an abundance of stability, and a greater range of use.
Today, the Obsession MK9 in sizes 10,5 and smaller can also be used as a Wave Kite, combining the freedom of improved manoeuvrability with an immediate and effective depower-ability in any wind condition.
What seemed impossible is now possible on the new Obsession MK9.

  • 3 struts design body to save weight and improve handling
  • Trailing edge reinforcements and leading edge protections on every seam. Longer lifetime for your kite.
  • Exclusive Strut/Leading edge reinforcement panel sawn at 45 degrees: this spreads the impact loads on a wider area
  • Quick Air Flow Valve for easier pumping and deflating, with a specially molded protection cap
  • Radial reinforcements on the tips to improve durability
  • V-TIP design back line attachment. This specially designed panel and heavy duty construction allow a better load spread on this hi stressed area
  • Tips equipped with bridle anti-tangle device
  • Our ICONIC FREESTYLE/WAVE KITE with huge boosting air potential

RRD 2016 Kites - Obsession MK9 from RRD International on Vimeo.

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