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Session Obsession Kiteboarding Package

Are you in need of a fresh new kit or want the top of the line gear without paying the top of the line price?

The Session RRD Obsession Kiteboarding Freestyle Package provides you with just that, an incredible amount of performance at a fraction of the cost. This freestyle/freeride kiteboarding package now over 40% Off!!!!

What You will get with the Session Obsession Pack - Freeride Kiteboarding Package:

2017 RRD Obsession MK9 Freestyle/Freeride Kiteboarding Kite

The Obsession MK9 is known for its tremendous amount of power, upwind ability, and hang time. This kite is smooth predictable and relaunches well. This allows the Obsessions to be enjoyed by everyone from advanced beginners to seasoned veterans.

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2017 RRD Bliss V4 Freeride/Freestyle Kiteboard

The Bliss v4 has a smooth ride coupled with a high-level performance. The channels in the tips and tail and the moderate flex make the Bliss V4 perfect in choppy, open water conditions, while still allowing for good pop for freestyle

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2017 RRD Obsession Package Includes:

  • 2017 RRD Obsession 12.0 Kite w/Backpack - $1460
  • 2017 RRD Global V7 Control Bar and Lines - $455
  • 2017 RRD Kite Pump w/ Gauge - $40
  • 2017 RRD Bliss V4 - $614

Normal Retail Price: $2569

Package Price: $1499.99

You Save: $1069!!

We also offer additional options and upgrades!