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Best & RRD

Session Prime Pack

Take your sessions to the next level with the Session Prime Pack. We've put this package together using some of our favorite premium products. If you're looking for Maximum quality at the best price around, your search is officially over!


The TS is Best Kiteboarding's Premium Freeride kite. It has been a favorite among intermediate and advanced riders for over 5 seasons, and continues to push the limits of bridled performance. An agressive Hybrid C shape, combined with a cutting edge micro bridle, Give this kite a stable and user friendly feel with loads of performance!

Red Bar

The Red bar is one of our favorite bars ever made. It has all of the awesome features that best is known for, combined with the best quick release on the market. The bar is simple and clean, but packs all of the features and adjustable components that every kiter needs.


The Placebo is the most advanced freeride board in it's class. It's cutting edge design and agressive shape give it loads of pop, a smooth ride, and great upwind ability.

Session Prime Package Breakdown:

  • 2016 Best TS Kite w/ Backpack- Starting at- $1399
  • 2015 Best RP Bar- $459
  • 2016 Best Kite Pump w/ Gauge- $40
  • 2016 RRD Placebo Kiteboard- 539

Normal Retail Price: $2438

Package Price: $1549

You Save: $889!