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Session Progression Kiteboarding Packages


The SessionĀ Progression Kiteboarding Package is by far the best way to help you get to that next level.Ā We built this custom package for you becauseĀ of the unmatched value and progression capabilities!

2019 Eleveight RS Kiteboarding Kite

TheĀ RS is the new freeride kite that everyone is raving about! It features a Rock solid 3 strut frame that is both stable and forgiving. Combine the lightweight frame with swept wingtips, a progressive shape, and top-notch materials, you've now got a kite that will handle anything that you can throw at it!Ā Besides being incredibly stable and forgiving, this kite also has tons of hangtime for when you really start to send it!

2019 Eleveight CS Kiteboarding Control Bar

TheĀ CS barĀ is safe and reliable and also has one of the mostĀ convenient quick releases on the market. This bar from Eleveight kites packs all of the features and adjustable components that every kiter needs.

2018 RRD Placebo V6 Kiteboard

TheĀ Placebo is RRD Kiteboarding'sĀ most popular freeride board. It's now in the fifth version but has been a staple in the RRD range for over a decade! The Placebo V5 offers a medium flex pattern and a roundĀ outline, which makes it forgiving in choppy conditions. The flatter rocker in the center also makes water starts and riding upwind a breeze.

The Session Progression Kiteboarding Package Includes the Following:

Normal Retail Price (12.0 Kite): $1,944

Package PriceĀ 

(12.0 Kite): $1,539

You Save: $345!

We also offer additional options and upgrades!