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Surf Plus Supply

Torrey Meister 6' Comp Lime Glow

Rider Designed and Tested
Torrey Meister 6' Comp Leash in Lime Glow Color, designed for those head high and below days.

Stress Relief Molded Cord End: provides a strong durable connection
Soft, Flexible Ankle Cuff: Double layered Neoprene
Double Swivel: Reduces tangling
Short, Detachable Rail Saver: Keeps the leash it’s actual size
Key Pocket: Use it or not, it’s there
Molded Stand Off: Keeps the leash away from your feet
Stainless Steel Hardware: No corrosion for the life of the leash
Easy Grab Pull: Stands out for quick release and practical
Large Swivel: Provides superior strength and fast swivel rotation to provide a no tangle leash
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty

Available in 5'5" Super Comp, 6' Comp and 6' Regular