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USED 5/4 Mystic Diva Fullsuit Backzip Wetsuit

Session Star Rating

3 STAR - ★★★

Moderately worn / Used. Signs of use and cosmetic damage such as wear points, dirt, or scratches. Possible small repairs. Nothing to compromise the integrity of the item. 


The Diva wetsuit from Mystic is their top of the range female specific offering. It features all the attention to detail that is present in the men’s line-up, yet in a suit designed for the female figure. It’s great that women’s specific products are now on a par with men’s for technical features, and this suit is loaded with them!

Mystic wetsuits are made with their Feather Lite Neoprene, which as the name implies, makes their wetsuits lighter weight. This is to do with larger air cells and less density in the suit. That, combined with the Teddy-Prene fleece lining layer, produces a suit that is exceedingly warm and snug. Don’t be put off by the fact it’s only a 5/4mm wetsuit, the technology behind and within the neoprene creates a suit much warmer than the thickness suggests.