USED Brunotti Early Bird 150x45 Complete Kiteboarding Board, 2018

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The Brunotti Early Bird150x45cm light wind kiteboard makes riding in light wind a breeze. Early plaining and a wide range of use make this high-performance light wind twintip an essential part of your quiver if getting the most out of a light wind session is your goal.

The length still makes it a good board for some freestyle tricks while the ADR-tech sidewalls allow you to cut through chop giving a unmatched feeling of control and comfort.

The flex in the tips of the board still makes it comfortable, and controllable, even when the wind picks up!


Duo Channel:
The combination of a stiff center tip and forgiving edge tips offers great comfort while still having enough performance to create a solid pop.

ADR Tech:
(Active Diamond Rail) Our ADR-tech is our no-compromise solution when it comes to freeriding/freestyle. It provides a superlative grip due to the sharp rail, which also results in exceptional upwind performance.

Early Bird Wood Core :
Specifically engineered wood cores provide a perfect balance between stiffness for solid pop and flex for a comfortable ride.

Who is the board designed for:
The Brunotti Early Bird will provide you with the perfect balance of maximum response and maneuverability for upwind performance in lighter wind conditions. This board is also safe and easy to use for first-time kiters and kite schools needing a nice and easy to use kiteboard.

Riding Style: Freeriding / Freestyle / Jumping

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Expert

Brunotti Early Bird Kiteboard - Length / Width:

  • 150 x 45.0cm

Brunotti Early Bird 2018 Key Features:

  • Light Wind Performance Board
  • Easy Start up
  • Great Control and Pop
  • Smooth Feel with lots of comfort
  • Duo Channel
  • Medium Flex

Complete with:

  • Brunotti Early Bride Fins