USED BWS Blue Chip Bar

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5 STAR -★★★★★

Like new. Used 1-9 times.Like new. Used 1-9 times. Very minimal, to zero, cosmetic damage or signs of use.

BWSurf Blue Chip Bar

The BWSurf Blue Chip Bar is a completely refreshed approach to the kite control system. The Blue Chip bar offers a whole new dimension of comfort and control, featuring a back line kite trimming system to replace the previous front line trimming system, a single body injection-molded structure that offers enhanced safety, improved ergonomics and greater accuracy for trimming the kite.

“I’m all about simplicity – less is more when it comes to kiting. So although the Blue Chip bar is high-tech piece of equipment, it’s the most streamlined and user-friendly control bar I’ve ever used. The “clear view” system has tidied up the de-power mechanism and removed it from the line-of-sight, so now when I’m looking down a wave my focus is unobstructed and 100% on the wave. This bar gives me the ultimate feeling of freedom and lets me enjoy what I’m doing without distraction.”– Ben Wilson.

The Blue Chip Bar is a whole new dimension for wave kite control bars. Featuring a rear line depower system, single coated centerline, improved chickenloop, adjustable bar throw, stronger lines. The Blue Chip provides the ultimate clear view of the surf with nothing dangling in front of you. It has the simplicity of a no depower system but retains the function of depower and flagging.