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Used Cavok WTFU 140cm Cable Wakeboard

Session Star Rating

3 STAR - ★★★

Moderately worn / Used. Signs of use and cosmetic damage such as wear points, dirt, or scratches. Possible small repairs. Nothing to compromise the integrity of the item. 


Used Cavok WTFU 140cm Cable Wakeboard for Wakeboarding and Cable Parks

This is a used cable wakeboard from Cavok World. The brand is from South America and they make amazing products. They are bomb proof and meant to take a serious beating. This board has cosmetic scratches on the top sheet from boots being installed. The grind base on the multi-channel bottom also has several scratches from hitting sliders. All scratches are superficial and are from normal wear and tear. There are no major issues or defects with this board. The length of the board is a 140cm and the width is 43cm. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.