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USED Eleveight RS V1 17.0 Kiteboarding Kite, 2018

Session Star Rating

3 STAR - ★★★

Moderately worn / Used. Signs of use and cosmetic damage such as wear points, dirt, or scratches. Possible small repairs. Nothing to compromise the integrity of the item. 


Eleveight kites goal was to design a kiteboarding kite with a versatile character that adapts to all weather and spot conditions without any reductions in performance. The 2018 Eleveight RS kiteboarding kite was created. The Eleveight RS has balanced grunt, massive hangtime, and a huge wind range due to this kites shape which is based on a med to high aspect ratio, a medium sweep and a mix of pivot and tip turning. In short, the Eleveight RS V1 Freeride Kiteboarding Kite is a very agile but stable performance freeride kite that guarantees fun!


● 3 strut delta hybrid shape

● Medium to high aspect ratio

● Quick and smooth turning

● Big jumping and long hangtime

● Great upwind performance

● Most versatile high-performance kite

● Light wind sizes (14 & 17m come with 3 m extensions)

● E/8 trusted quality