USED Mystic D30 Force Vest Medium

The Mystic Force D30 Impact Wake Vest comes complete with an impact structure and a neoprene / foam sandwich create impact resistance. Protection is positioned on chest, back and sides of the ribcage.
The Mystic D30 Impact Vest is made completely of soft glide skin neoprene. Under the perforation is the famous and unique "D30" product.
An amazing shock absorption product - even the pro's are wearing the Impact D30 shield. Because it is so thin that even handle passing is not a problem.


Glideskin Neoprene - A very flexible single lined neoprene with a soft feel and comfortable to wear. The Glideskin neoprene also has a high insulation factor
M-Flex Neoprene
M-FLEX (TRI SPAN) provides 100% Stretch. The most flexible neoprene in our range. M-flex gives maximum flex and durability. This lining has multiple advantages. Most noticeable is the stretch capability. For example, a 3mm TRI Span arm panel can easily stretch up to twice its original length. Furthermore, the lining is made more durable by cross weaving, is, therefore, able to stretch evenly in all directions and feels soft on the skin.
Lightweight and water repellent
Anatomical Fit
D30 Panels on chest, sides and back
Soft neoprene collar edge
Zipless Easy Entry
Reinforced Stitching
Inside DL flex neoprene
Segmented Foam Core
Oversized Arm Holes
Slim Fit

Impact vest is not a life jacket.