USED RRD BS45 V5 145x45 Kiteboarding Board, 2018

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Used BS45 V5 complete. This did have bad inserts. Inserts have been retapped.

Board includes fins only. Pads shown in the picture not included. 

The BS 45 V5 fits in a class of its own. It’s the perfect board to use when the wind is light and the conditions are marginal. Unlike the other lightwind boards on the market, as soon as the wind comes up, there is no need to change the board. The BS45 V5 is made with a constant curve rocker line that keeps the tips of the board high enough on the water to avoid spraying into your eyes and ensures fantastic maneuverability which is what this board is all about.

Because the BS 45 was designed with light wind in mind, it has a flatter scoop rocker line and bottom shape. The flatter bottom aids to this boards incredible upwind performance as well as its early planning. Less is more with this fantastic freemove lightwind board. The PRO version has more curve and a slightly deeper concave. This creates a slightly slower board with more pop potential. Additionally, the Pro version will be much easier to maneuver and more fun to ride in higher winds.

For larger riders and those who need a lightwind board that absolutely rips, there is no better choice.


  • Flat scoop, constant curve rocker line
  • Big Surface
  • Concave Outline
  • Pro Version; Increased bottom curve and slightly deeper concave