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Used RRD Global Bar V6 4-Line, 2015 - Short Lines


Used Bar. Lines and Pigtails are in great shape. The lines were cut short for kiteloops and surfing. The pigtails were stitched by a professional seamstress at a kite repair shop. 


The new Global Bar V5 has been further simplified to make Kiteboarding easier, safer and longer lasting. We have taken all unnecessary parts out and created a full lean and smart control bar that works with water and sand.

Recently our Global V4 bar has reached top marks as the easiest and safest release system to be opened under pressure, with sand and water. This is what matters. The bar has to be tested and chosen depending on its real use on the water and not on a nice website presentation with 3D effects, brochure or a shop desk. Try our new Global V5 bar and the concept of easy and safe use will be clear.

We have further refined the swivel system below the Chicken loop de-power attachment, with the introduction of a special self-lubricating plastic composite washer, avoiding front lines swivel or double depower lines.