USED RRD Passion MK9 12.0 Kiteboarding Kite, 2018

Session Star Rating

Orange/White = 3 STAR -★★★

Moderately worn / Used. Signs of use and cosmetic damage such as wear points, dirt, or scratches. Possible small repairs. Nothing to compromise the integrity of the item.



The 2018 Passion MK9 kiteboarding kite is the benchmark of a high performance, 3 struts, Freeride, Wave, and Big Air kite, impressing everyone from entry-level riders to experts.

The MK9 still delivers pure, predictable power, paired with amazing stability. This is a fantastic kite for all-around freeride, wave, big air, and freestyle progression that provides a perfect blend of turning speed, handling, and jumping ability.

One of the important differences between most of the classic freeride kites on the market is that the Passion MK9 has 3 struts instead of five. The reduction of two struts translates into a lighter kite with more maneuverability.
Expect increased performance and all-around use from this kite due to the changes made to the MK9. This year RRD kites have lowered the aspect ratio, shortened the bridles, and removed all four of the pulleys that were on the MK8; that’s a total of zero! This kite will respond immediately to input and provides direct feedback throughout the more rounded, faster turns.

The bar pressure is now lighter, it flies more on the front lines, and the kite has slightly less grunt, which is compensated by the increased speed.

RRD is known for providing the highest quality product without cutting corners. Every individual kite size has a customized leading edge diameter. For the smaller sizes, we accomplished maximum rigidity to handle extreme conditions whereas the larger sizes are focused on an LE diameter that has the perfect balance between weight, stiffness, and air penetration.

Relaunching is also easier, even in low wind conditions. The 2018 RRD Passion MK9 extremely predictable because of the gradually changing power while sheeting is coupled with consistent bar pressure. Also due to the increased speed and stability, the MK9 provides an abundance of addicting lift that will generate some huge airs!

If there is one kite that will transcend the boundaries from beginner to expert, this is the kite!