April 20, 2018 1 min read

Core XR5 Kiteboarding Kite Review

The XR5 is the Performance freeride Kite from Core Kites. It’s known for it’s ability to perform at a high level in any discipline.

After testing the XR5 for a couple of hours, it was easy to see why the kite has become so incredibly popular in the freeride market. The kite is very smooth and performs well in gusty conditions. The wind fluctuated quite a bit during the test, but the XR took it in stride. It boosted with ease and acted like a parachute on landing. As in all of the core kites that I’ve tested, the build quality on the XR is top notch. The relaunch was automatic, taking little to no input even in the lulls. The bar pressure on the kite was average, and I had no problem with fatigue during my long session. Overall, The XR does its job as a jack of all trades.

Pros: Great Wind Range, Extremely Stable

Cons: Lacks surf performance.

Recommended for: Twintippers of all skill levels looking for all-around performance.

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