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This is a sure fire way to always be in the correct position for a kiteboarding waterstart.


Flying the kite with the board on your feet is a crucial step and is often overlooked. When flying the kite with the board on your feet, the rider must stay perpendicular to the kite at all times. This is so the rider is in the correct position to do a waterstart no matter where the kite is in the wind wonder.


Here's the key....


The keys to succeeding in this exercise is to remember that wherever the head goes the body will follow and to remain one step ahead of the kite.


We will break this down into steps:


(You will begin floating downwind quickly when both feet are in the board. Give yourself plenty of room and plan your exit accordingly)

  • When the kite is at 12 o'clock, place your feet into the board.

  • Determine which side of the window you will steer the kite.

  • Start turning your head in that direction, then the shoulders, hips, and finally board, BEFORE you steer the kite. (Anticipate!)

  • Stop your rotation to remain perpendicular to the kite when it reaches the edge of the window.

  • Once the kite reaches the desired position on the other side of the wind window, begin flying the kite slowly along the edge of the window to 12 o'clock.

  • Make sure you turn your head, shoulders, then feet, BEFORE the kite.

  • Continue flying the kite to the opposite side of the wind window but make sure to be one step ahead of it.

  • Continue flying the kite slowly from one side of the wind window to the other until you reach your exit and have to move back upwind.


By practicing this exercise, you will find that when you attempt the waterstart you will always be in the correct position and will not get twisted when you finally decide to put some power into the kite and attempt to stand up.


Tips and tricks -


  • If you find that the kite is getting ahead of you, take your front hand off of the bar and paddle, i.e. If the kite is on the right side of the wind window, paddle with your right hand and steer with your left.

  • Moving your head is the most important part of this exercise.

  • Anticipate the kite's movements and remain one step ahead and you will be a master at staying perpendicular with your kite at all times!


Next Step:


Now that you are ready to ride, let's go over Powerstrokes. This is how you move the kite to generate power that will lead to your first kiteboarding waterstart! 

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