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Below we will talk about how to get into a kiteboard!..


Getting the kiteboard on your feet is an exciting moment but can and will prove difficult the first few times. You must take your attention away from flying the kite and now focus on getting your feet into the board. This usually results in the kite flying out of control.


Keep it in the sweet spot


The best way to ensure that the kite stays put is to make sure that you keep the bar in the sweetspot. Do not pull in the bar too much to create power or push it away too far as to not be able to control it. It is also helpful to “split the bar” by placing the index finger on the other side of the depower rope.


Once you feel like the kite is stable at 12 O’clock, put that board on your feet with the quickness. The faster you can get your feet into the board, the sooner you can get back to focusing on your kite control.


Below is a step by step guide to how to get a kiteboard on your feet.


  • First make sure your kite is at 12 o’clock.

  • Grab your board by the handle as you fly the kite with one hand, splitting the bar.

  • Roll the heel edge of the board towards your body, turning the board vertically, and pushing the heel edge of the board into the water.

  • Place one foot into the foot strap securely.

  • Once that foot is in place you can let go of the handle.

  • Regain control of the kite as you lay back into the water and find the second foot strap with your other foot.

  • Keep your first foot flexed as you place the toes of your free foot into the footstrap.

  • When both feet find the straps, wiggle your feet side to side (left to right), and up and down to ensure your feet are fully in each strap.

  • Now once your feet are in the board you are ready to stay perpendicular to the kite at all times and fly the kite with the board on your feet!

Here's the key to all of this...


The key here is to figure out a way that works best for you while maintaining complete control of the kite at all times. Some people will grab the toe edge or tail of the board instead of the handle. Whichever method you prefer, just make sure that the kite is stable and that you get both feet into the kiteboard as quickly as possible.


Next Step:


Now that you have your board on the feet you have to make sure you're always ready to ride! 


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