February 23, 2017 2 min read

This one is crucial! So many people, even advanced kiters, seem to struggle with this fundamental skill. Don't worry though, in this article we will discuss how to launch a kiteboarding kite with an assistant.



Listen up!...


Before attempting to launch a kiteboarding kite, you have to take a lesson with a certified instructor. They must inform you that you are ready to launch the gear without their supervision. It is imperative that your kite control is that of a high level to ensure your safety, and the safety of those around you, before launching a kiteboarding kite.


Don't do it alone!


It is also crucial that the person that will assisting the launch is well educated on the subject too. It is recommended to always use another kiteboarder as an assistant in this process. Random strangers should not be used when an assistant is needed as they will most likely cause more harm than good. Please always use your head and make informed decisions before launching.


Lets get into it...


Now that you found a trustworthy person That is educated on an assisted launch, its time to get into the right position. The most common mistake while launching is not being in the correct position. Most people are either too far upwind or downwind. Here we will go over the proper angle for the launch.


This is the key to a safe successful launch...


Grab your bar from the beach and walk until your kite is in the 6 o'clock position or the very edge of the window. Orientate yourself so that your back is to the wind and you are facing directly downwind.


WIth your back to the wind, stick your arm to your side, 90 degrees from the wind, towards the kite. If the kite is not aligned with your hand, either too far upwind, or too far downwind, move until the kite is perfectly aligned with your outstretched arm. 


Word of advice....


It is best to be slightly downwind of the kite as you tention up the lines. When the lines are tight, slowly walk into the wind until the kite fills with wind. 


Don't be that person!....

Most people start with the kite too far downwind as the tension up their lines and cause the person holding the kite to be pushed. This is dangerous and can be easily avoided by practicing the method above each time the kite is launched. 


Next Step:

Now that the kite is in the air, let's get that harness on! 


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