July 15, 2016 1 min read

Now that you can go, you need to make sure you can stop without a total yard sale. 




Completing your first transition is a huge confidence booster. Once mastered, you will have the ability to travel in both directions comfortably.


As always, we’ll break things down into simple steps that are easy to understand. It’s as simple as Stopping, changing direction, and starting again.


How to Stop!


This step is a piece of cake! Most people learn to stop before they learn to go. Simply edge you board upwind. Slowly bring the kite to the neutral position and extend your arms to sheet out.


How to Change Directions


Once you’ve come to a stop .prepare for a waterstart in the opposite direction by changing your body position. Turn your head, and shift your hips towards your new back foot. Use your core to position your body slightly downwind in the opposite direction.


Now all you need to do is Waterstart in the new direction of travel!


Now you’re ready to take off in the other direction. Follow your standard waterstart procedure and off you go!


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