March 30, 2018 2 min read

Ready to kick off the season? For many of us that don’t have the opportunity to get away during the winter season, now is the time to get stoked for kite season! That means breaking out the gear and getting out on the water for the first time in a while! Before you get out for your first session, taking some time to tune your equipment can make all of the difference.

Tighten/Lubricate Board Screws
Screws can loosen during sessions and temperature changes. Check all of your screws and make sure they are snug. Loctite can be used to help them hold

Tune Bar
Lay out your lines and make sure that everything is even. Use the adjustments on your lines to adjust if necessary. If you are unsure on how to adjust your bar, refer to your user manual or contact a Session Professional for assistance.

Check/Lubricate Pulleys
Some kites incorporate pulleys in their bridles to assist with stability. Check to make sure that your pulleys are spinning smoothly. Lubricate/replace if necessary.

Test Bar QR
The quick release is the most important safety feature on your bar. Release and reassemble your bar several times to ensure that it is working properly. Check all metal parts for rust.

Test Safety Leash
Release and reassemble your safety leash several times to ensure that it is working properly. Test the springs on your clips and check for rust.

Perform Inflation Test
Inflate your kites to recommended psi and leave overnight.

Test Harness
Check all metal parts on your harness for rust. Test all clips and releases

Test/Lubricate Pump
Make sure your pump is producing adequate pressure. Check o-rings, valves and seals. Lubricate when necessary.

Would you like to take it a step further? Download our Tune Up Check list below.

Once you’ve gone through your gear you’ll be well on your way to a great season opening Session!

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