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Lets Check out the Proper Riding Stance for Kiteboarding


Riding with the proper stance allows you to be ultra efficient while reducing the amount of energy necessary to ride. Getting into the proper position is a huge step in your progression and will allow you to ride upwind effortlessly.


Lets get to it!


Remember you must L.U.V.E what you do. (learn, understand, visualize, execute.)


Once you are on a plane beginning to edge you must get your body into the proper body position for kiteboarding. Wherever the head goes the body will follow. Because of this fact, we will start from the head and work our way down to the feet.


Below is a step by step guide to get you there.


Proper Riding Stance for Kiteboarding Guide 

  • Look where you want to go! You must fix your gaze on a target that is far upwind and use your peripheral vision to pay attention to the kite. By looking upwind you are naturally rotating your shoulders and hips in the direction of travel. Looking upwind is key!!!!!

  • Roll your shoulders back and slightly bring the shoulder blades together for proper postering.

  • Lean back into your harness! It is made to hold your body weight up so get comfortable and lean back.

  • As you roll your shoulders and lean back into the harness, drive your back hip forward towards the kite.

  • With your head facing upwind, shoulders back, and hips forward, make sure your weight is over your back leg and all of the pressure is driving through the heel of the foot.

  • Think about pushing your heel right through the kiteboard and into the water.

  • Your back leg should naturally bend and your front leg should almost be completely straight. You never want to lock your front leg to avoid hyper extension.


When you get into this stance you will feel the fully locked in and in control. By using your body weight to lean over the heel edge of the board and leaning back into the harness you will be looking and feeling like a pro!

Next Step:


Now that you can go, you need to learn to stop!

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Paul Tucket
Paul Tucket

August 04, 2020

I am attempting board starts now this explanations was very eady to understand
Thank you

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