December 22, 2016 2 min read

Every kitesurfer should be able to body drag upwind efficiently. It will allow you to get past any waves at a dumpy beach and also allow you to get back to your board when you lose it. As a beginner upwind body dragging will give you an idea of apparent wind and how you can use your body in the water to help move you in the direction you want to go.


Step by step guide on how to body drag

  • Keeping the kite between 10-11 or 1-2 on either side of the wind window, let go of your front hand and point it upwind 30 degrees from the kite.

  • Keep your fingers together and hand slightly cupped to maximize the resistance in the water.

  • You are the rudder!

  • Keep you back hand towards the centre of the bar, to stop unwanted movement

  • Turn your hips vertically and towards the chicken loop to increase resistance against the kite and drive you further upwind.

  • Keep your legs and feet together with the toes pointed. The goal is to by as hydrodynamic as possible.

  • If you are on a wavy beach keep you kite slightly higher to avoid it dropping in the waves due to a lull in the wind or being pushed towards the kite

  • Remember to keep your mouth closed to avoid swallowing water. If you see a wave coming towards you turn your head towards your toes so that the water can come over the back of your head and you will be less likely to choke on water.

Here is a brief video on How to body drag upwind. 

 Next Step:

Last but not least is the self rescue! Don't breeze over this because it could save your life. 

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