About Us

The Dream

To share my passion and love for progression to as many people as possible.

Ever since I can remember, when I found something that really peaked
my interest, I would want to share it with the world. At times, to a fault. I
can become very obsessive and laser focused on a subject or a new
skill. Once some mastery is developed in this new skillset or interest, I
would want to teach or share my experience with others to encourage
them to experience the same results

This curiosity and drive towards progression has
laid out the path which guides me through life.

The Catalyst

Restless, irritable, discontent, out of shape, overweight, and miserable, I
sat behind the computer screen and watched the wind meters, taunting me,
showing yet another windy day passing me by. Seven years of countless
hours studying, training, and dedicating myself to the sport of kiteboarding
and here I sit, at a desk, missing a session. Monotony and complacency
had crept back into my existence and were now weighing heavy on the soul.

The once raging fire inside for progression was
now a flickering flame on a bed of hot coals.

My passions was a now fleeting thought and worry was my
main focus. “How did I get here?” I thought to myself. The answer quickly
came, “I got on he wrong the train”! I was too focused on moving up
the ranks and developing a “career” in the industry to ultimately achieve my
main goal; earn more money. This futile pursuit led me down a dark path
because I was disregarding the clear facts. Deep down I knew when I was
boarding the “money train” that it was going to take me to a place in which I
wasn't going to like. But like most things in my life, the best lessons learned
are from my biggest mistakes. Fortunately, from this particular mistake
came a great sense of urgency and a clear path to follow.

A willingness and surrender is born that ignites a
fire within that fuels aggressive action

Rock bottom is a place that is not foreign to me, it is usually at that point,
when the flame is almost out, that a phoenix arises from the ashes and a
willingness and surrender is born that ignites a fire within that fuels
aggressive action.

Enough is enough!

It was time for a change, my passion became a “job” and the love, stoke,
and anticipation had slowly slipped away. No longer was my hobby and
escape from the dark depths of my mind. It became the chains that kept me
imprisoned. With kiteboarding being one of my true loves in life, I knew that
I had either mend the relationship or move on.

The Solution

That dark place made the light exceedingly bright. After much deliberation
and soul searching, it was decided that there was no reason that I had to
choose between one goal and the other, I would blend my passion and
beliefs into something unique, something meaningful, and something truly awesome.


Session Sports was born!

My years of dedication and interest in the sport have taken me from working
with everyone from beginners to the top riders in the world, equipment
designers, shop owners, kiteboarding schools, kiteboarding brands, and the
owners of those brands and even the owners of the factories. I noticed
that through all of these people there is a common thread.
The thread that weaves us together and connects us all in some form or a fashion.
That is the simple fact that we all love to kite and the pure joy we get from having a great session.

That common thread is the simple fact that we all
love to kite

The Mission

Kiteboarding is an escape. It's mentally and physically consuming. Allowing
the rider to become encompassed in a flow, focused only the take at hand
and remove the worry for the rest of the world.
It's my mission to share this experience. Not only is it
good for the mind but also the body. I believe in progression and
balance in all aspects of life. This is why the Slogan for Session Sports is Motivated by Motion.

Motivated: to stimulate (someone's) interest in or
enthusiasm for doing something.

Motion: the action or process of moving or being

Our Mission Statement

We are motivated by motion and dedicated to enrich others lives through
sport. Every aspect of our lives has been greatly affected by our passion for
an active lifestyle. A lifestyle full of positivity and excitement.The sports
that we love have provided a fun and sustainable pathway to fitness and
wellness. Session Sports is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle by
providing a reliable resource for anyone seeking a way to be healthy while
having fun. Whether you're a seasoned waterman looking for the latest
in equipment, or a newcomer looking for a way to make new friends and get
into shape, we’re here to make sure that your next session is always your
best session.

The Community

The best part of kiteboarding is the people. Kiteboarding is a small, tight
knit community. Warm and welcoming. It’s no surprise to see the same
people throughout the world and everyone is stoked to be stoked.

Our mission to make the community even better, introduce new kiters in the
sport safely and effectively through thorough a lesson plan with the latest
gear and to provide a robust resource of instructional content to fuel
progression and help people achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

But we wouldn’t be a company without our customer. The most important
part of this equation is YOU! We want you to join us be a part of the
movement. Give us feedback, advice, opinions, your pain points,
and problems. We will strive to create solutions to and to make this sport that
much better!

We wouldn't be a company without our customers.