Session Sports Kiteboarding Holiday Gift Guide

Kiteboarding Holiday Gift Guide! 

We want to make your holiday shopping easier this year by providing this indispensable guide to the best kiteboarding gifts of the holiday season. Shop by category or price to find the perfect gift for the perfect price! Concerned about shipping? Don't worry, we will ship priority 2-3 day for FREE this holiday season and can ship overnight as well as Saturday deliveries if needed.


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Kiteboarding Gift Guide Accessory Image - WOO Device

Kiteboarding Accessories

Kiteboarding accessories are the most popular gifts because these are the gifts that every kiter wants, but does not always buy for themselves. Kiteboard accessories cover a wide variety of items that will surely fit within the quiver of any kitesurfer. Our most popular sellers are the WOO Device, kiteboarding gloves, pumps, safety leashes, and kiteboard retrieval devices

Kiteboarding Holiday Gift Guide Gift Card Image

Kiteboarding Gift Cards

Having trouble finding the perfect gift or you would like to contribute to your kiteboarders next big purchase? A kiteboarding gift card is a perfect way to guarantee that your gift will be exactly what the special kiter in your life needs to make their next session their best session! Gift Cards can be used for gear purchases or kiteboarding lessons! Save 15% off of your total gift card amount by using COUPON CODE: HOLIDAYGF15 at checkout! 

Kiteboarding Gift Guide Travel Bags

Kiteboarding Bags

If there is one thing for certain, it that kiteboarders love gear. The more someone gets into kiting, the more gear they have. Having the right bag for the gear will make a world of difference. Lugging gear to the beach, traveling to warm, windy places, or keeping that precious kiteboard in pristine condition are all part of being a kitesurfer.

Kiteboarding Gift Guide Kitesurfing Harnesses

Kiteboarding Harnesses

A harness, either a waist harness or a seat harness, is one of the most important pieces of equipment, like footstraps for a kiteboarder, it is one of the few pieces of equipment that actually makes contact with your body. Just like with skiing or snowboarding boots, it's crucial to have a harness that fits comfortably and that is relatively new. In addition, harnesses, like boots, get "packed out". Most kiters on the beach where harnesses that are more than a few years old resulting in less support and a decrease in comfort. Gift the gift of support and comfort with a new harness! Concerned about the fit? You can confidently buy a harness knowing that we offer free returns!

Kiteboarding Gift Guide Kitesurf Wetsuit

Kiteboarding Wetsuits

The holiday seasons bring a chill to the air and water. Tis the season for neoprene! We offer a variety of wetsuit styles and thickness for almost all conditions. Check out our wetsuit guide for more info on selecting the proper thickness for the temperatures. Stoke out the kiter in your life by giving them the opportunity to ride longer in the chilly holiday temperatures! Concerned about the fit? You can confidently buy a wetsuit knowing that we offer free returns!

Kiteboarding Gift Guide Kiteboard Image


If you really want to stoke out a kiteboarder, buy them a new board! We have a huge selection of boards to choose from, one for every discipline. Just like with kiteboarding kites, no one board covers all conditions. It's always a bonus to have a board that is a better tool for the job. For example, most people go from learning to kiteboard to wanting to ride waves (kitesurf). It's best to ride waves with a directional board. Maybe you know a new kiter that is ready to reach new heights and wants to boost to the moon, check out our freestyle boards. Or maybe the kiter you know lives in a light wind area (like Florida) and needs a light wind specific board to allow them to get out on the water more often. The kiter travels a lot? We have a split travel kiteboard too!. Check out all of our recommended gift kiteboards here!

Kiteboarding Gift Guide Kitesurfing Kites

Kiteboarding Kites

A kiteboarding kite would have to be one of the best gifts ever! If you know a true kiter, nothing could be better then opening a kite for Xmas. It's probably equivalent to a puppy or pony. Just like we mentioned above about a kiteboard, there is always room for another tool in the toolbox for a specific job. Whether its a larger kite for light wind, a smaller kite for high wind, or a trainer kite for those who are just thinking of getting into the sport, we have all of that under our kiteboarding kites gift section!


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