Session Sports Used Equipment Star Rating

Here at Session Sports, we want to be as transparent as possible and too set expectations accordingly when our customers purchased used kiteboarding equipment from us. Because customer service and satisfaction is our primary purpose, we strive to constantly provide proper expectations with all of our transactions. 

Our star rating helps determine the quality and condition of our used kiteboarding products. Each star rating has general guidelines that we adhere to when inspecting all of our used equipment. We then mark the equipment with the appropriate star rating when they are listed.

Please see those ratings and descriptions below to become familiar with our ratings and what you can expect when purchasing a used kiteboarding product from Session Sports. 


Session Sports Star Rating Chart


5 STAR - ★★★★★

Like new. Used 1-9 times. Very minimal, to zero, cosmetic damage or signs of use.


4 STAR - ★★★★ 

Slightly worn / Seldom Used. Some cosmetic damage and signs of use. Nothing to compromise the integrity of the item.


3 STAR - ★★★

Moderately worn / Used. Signs of use and cosmetic damage such as wear points, dirt, or scratches. Possible small repairs. Nothing to compromise the integrity of the item. 


2 STAR - ★★

Significantly worn or damaged. Definite signs of use and cosmetic damage. Repair likely or guaranteed. Item is still in working order and usable.


1 STAR - ★

Heavily used or needs major repairs. Item shows signs of heavy use and may need repairs before the item is usable.



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